Traditional Yoga By Laura Finch

Yoga classes in Pimlico, Perivale, Ealing, Central London, Middlesex, West London and online.

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Meet The Experienced Teacher
Laura has a great appreciation of yoga's importance of it being a tool to free us heal us from tension in both body and mind. She has lived a life rich in experience, wisdom and brings that to each yoga lesson. Laura is a genuine person who thrives on helping others progress at their own pace, a rare find. Here is a person who goes out of her way to help you improv
... e your fitness level, health, mind, body and soul so you can improve your quality of life. You will be grateful you crossed her path.
Laura studied traditional yoga and Vedanta ancient books of knowledge with Swami Ambikananda. She runs a clinic and is a sort after healing people of pain that may have gone on for years.
Laura completed her yoga teachers training in 2006 but has done yoga for decades. She teaches people over 50 in a community setting, runs her own private classes, and offers one-to-one. Currently, over 100 students attend her yoga and meditation classes each week. As well as running a clinic. She constantly trains to widen her experience of yoga and the body's ability to heal.
DBS Insured By: Ballens

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Insured By: Ballens
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